Hulaseventy: Brown is my Black

by Hulaseventy

1. Brogue Pumps (Toast)

I happily wear the color brown all year long but come fall, I go a little crazy over it. And seeing as how it's autumn color week here at Poppytalk, I thought a little list was in order. A list of brown things I am loving. Things I wish would find somehow find their way into my closet.

2. Vintage Newsboy Pom Pom Cap (Jess James Jake)

3. Matchbox Girl Coat (Vera Vague)

4. Woodchip Brown Soopascarf (Yokoo)

5. Vintage Tooled Leather Purse (Jessamity)

6. Vintage Cocktail Dress (Vera Vague)

Plenty of room in my closet for you, pretty brown things. Plenty of room.

Happy autumn color week, friends!

Jan Halvarson

1 comment:

Audrie said...

Lovely! I just adore those broque pumps!