Collecting Browns

Saw some beautiful browns today. Here is just a sampling. To see more click here. So many beautiful examples. And please join us tomorrow as we visit red and our last day of our Autumn Colour Week!

Line 1: Shadows on the beach, Pistachio Press; Nothing Was about to Happen, Radio Choci; Pinecone collection, Koreana; Schwinn, Schwinn; Boot scraper, Ninimakes

Line 2: Wired hook & eye, Royal Buffet; Cobblestones, oh gosh; This Tornado, h malcolm; Trees, Leciia/A Day That is Dessert; llamador, Lluize

Line 3: e-z load, jek in the box; bridge, Royal Buffet; The Organization, bheuer; essential joy, bohemian girl; beautiful wood from hrsmithjones;

Line 4: Wood pile, Knitting Iris; Caramel Apples, Maine Momma; Piano, girlhula; polaroid, Leaca's Philosophy; Rustic fork and spoon, Ethanollie.

Jan Halvarson


Rachael, Pistachio Press said...

I was just looking through your favorites and then popped over here - deja vu!

That wood pile by Knitting Iris is amazing!

Heather said...
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Heather said...

This was so fun, and I loved getting to be on poppytalk in the brown collection!

Amy G. said...

Brown is one of my favorite colors to work with in my paintings!

(radio choci says thank you!)

leaca said...

That long fork and spoon was my favorite. Thanks for including me.

Captain Nick Sparrow said...

I love brown!