Bike with Hops Shop!

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We know it's fall, and getting a little colder to ride that bike; but here in Vancouver some ride it probably all year round (give or take the odd winter storm that stops by). So why not keep that tush a little warmer with these felt bike seat covers for Hops Shop (out of Finland). The first model (above) is called Vårgrönska (also comes in red and green embroidery) is designed by Johanna Högväg and the second (below) Höststorm designed by Anna Wallendahl. Each 34,00€. We likies! (via

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Jan Halvarson


Natalie said...

these are fantastic - a great way to cover up older worn bike seats too!

lisa solomon said...

so so so so so good

Anonymous said...

I love this! And the perfect christmans gift too. What I can see their is no problem shipping to Canada! I just have to get one!!

Violetsrose said...

How do you stop these getting wet from the rain and then giving you a wet patch on your bum when you ride home?

Jan Halvarson said...

Violetsrose - good question.