Autumn Colour Week: Friday - Red

Well today marks the last day of our Autumn Colour Week, and we wanted to thank everyone who participated! It's been an awesome response and the flickr pool is proof! In one week we've managed to upload as a collective, over 1300 colourful images! The day is not over yet, and we know there will be more and perhaps we can join again, to do something similar, and maybe next time we can add another dimension (the thinking cap is on). If you do have any suggestions, feel free to contact us! We'll be back later today with a "collecting red" post! Wishing you all a colourful weekend!

Untitled-1Clockwise top right: Red cross barrel, Livingston and Porter; Kids notebook, Nico Papergoods; Letterpress birthday card, a. favorite design; Upcycled train case, Get Ready Set GO

michelle mauleMichele Maule

Niu Taller


still life with drawing pinsWith Wallpaper

Picture 1Dude and Chick

plaidsnowflakepoppytalkSeptember House

Jan Halvarson


Bess Callard said...

I need that "you are rugged and manly card" - so funny!!
Here are my reds :)

Oh, My Darling said...

Oh man, the rugged and manly cards are so fantastic!

jackie kersh said...

love this color series. crazy for that telephone pillow!

daisyfleur said...

I love the kids notebook with the pocket.

Jessica Nichols said...

This week has been great for me, I really needed a color week! Awesome collections on the blog and in the pool.