This Week from Lisa Congdon: Sarah McNeil

by Lisa Congdon


This week I did a little interview with Australian artist Sarah McNeil who mostly makes soft and delicate drawings of girls and animals that I love so very much, but who also makes cool felt brooches and zines, which she sells in her Etsy Shop . Besides making stuff with her talented hands, Sarah also likes to walk in the snow and cook nice dinners for people who she likes. "Sometimes I sell my drawings, sometimes I keep them, sometimes I leave them in tree trunks in the forest," she says. Say hello to Sarah .


Lisa: Hi Sarah! I am quite enamored by your work. How old were you when you knew you wanted to be an artist?
Sarah: I always drew pictures. I think I decided to be a for real serious artist when I finished art school and wanted to have a job where I could use my skills.


Lisa: Ah, so you studied art in school. How do you think that has helped you?
Sarah: Yes, I did a fine arts degree. It was ok, I didn't learn anything about the real world from school, but it was nice to get a few years to get myself together before being thrown out into the real world.


Lisa: How many hours a week do you spend making art or working on your art business? Do you wish it were more or less or is it just right?
Sarah: I spend pretty much all the time I am awake making art, talking about art, or thinking about art. It is my life. Recently I have been trying to set aside time for myself to work on projects that are just for me rather than for other people, which has been fun and relaxing. Keeps me from going completely crazy.


Lisa: Yes, making art for oneself, or to satisfy one's personal curiosity is so important. I am curious, are you a morning person or night person? How does this effect your creative work?
Sarah: Morning definitely. Although I find it hard to wake up sometimes. Usually my head is too cloudy by the end of the day to focus on something in particular, so I really have to make an effort to get stuff done at the start of the day.


Lisa: Can you describe a body of work you have just finished or on which you are currently working?
Sarah: A collection of drawings for a show I'm doing with my friend Sean Morris . We did some great collaborative pieces and I've just got to finish my own drawings for the show in the next few weeks before sending them over the seas.

{collaborative piece with Sean Morris}

Lisa: What are your dreams for your art career?
Sarah: To make things that I am happy with, work on more conceptual artwork, become friends with Devandra Banhart .


Lisa: Ah, yes! Fantastic. Maybe you could move to the US to increase your chances? Tell us what/who are your greatest influences?
Sarah: Nature and the power of everything that exists in the universe.

Lisa: What are the three most important things you want people to know about you as an artist and/or your work?
1. I try really hard at what I do.
2. I want to try harder.
3. Don't take it too seriously.


Lisa: What do you believe in?
Sarah: Everything.

You can read Sarah's blog (aptly named EVERYTHING here . Thank you, Sarah , for a peek inside your amazing mind. I love your work and can't wait to see what you continue to produce.

Jan Halvarson


Erikita said...

wow, she is just. . . amazing! Amazing! Everything is crush-worthy and so loving.

Karima Illustration said...

Everything is just so beautiful!
She is so great! Gosh wish I was like her!!