repeat remnant bags

Have you heard of repeat? I did a post on them this past August and see now that they also have these remnant bags they sell which is a lovely assortment of their fabrics - each bag contains approx 80 grams of differrent base cloths ranging from hemp/organic cotton, 100%organic linen, cotton and their linen/cotton blends. Each fabric is screen printed by hand using solvent free environmentally friendly ink. Each collection of remnant scraps comes in a reusable muslin drawstring bag (8 x 12 inches). Perfect for a fall crafting project. Click here to see more of their fantastic line).

Jan Halvarson


Kate said...

I don't use fabric in my art, but this is the kind of thing that makes me want to find something to do with them! LOVE these little bags filled with fabric scraps.

Sarah said...

I wish more fabric designers would do things like this! I love repeat's designs and I think this is such a great idea, both for them to get rid of fabric scraps, and for people like me who would like to make stuff from them.

lisa solomon said...

oh that's tempting!

laradhandcraftedbags said...

so good to see so many people interested in re-purposing unwanted textiles and remnants.
I have recently started a cottage industry creating useful bags from recycled and unwanted fabrics and vintage buttons and trimmings
Absolutely love it and it has become a passion!