The Pale Observer

Excuse my lack of posts this morning, I've been engrossed in a blog I just discovered called Holli's Ramblings (via a comment yesterday). It's about an expat's adventures in Ghana. It's author who calls herself, "The Pale Observer" writes so eloquently about her life in Ghana, first arriving as a volunteer and then marrying a Ghanaian and moving into a Ghanaian compound. I loved reading this post how she explains how life is there and how she became to embrace it. I'm so happy to have found this blog, to teach and enlighten me.

Jan Halvarson


OdetteO said...

Thanks for posting that blog. I started reading it, and got as engrossed as if I were reading a novel. I'll be a regular reader of her blog now. :)

The pale observer said...

Hi Jan and Odette - wow! Thanks so much for reading! I will try to keep posting interesting material about life in Ghana...

Appreciate you taking the time!!

@Jan - I've linked poppytalk as well.

Thanks again!