Normann Copenhagen Mormor / Grandma

Normann Copenhagen presents the Mormor / Grandma series designed by Gry Fager. The series is made for the modern kitchen and dining table using ceramics as its point of departure. The inspiration is textiles and the things that we are surrounding ourselves with when in the kitchen. With this in mind Gry Fagerhas incorporated the enjoyment of food and the table as a focal point. Mormor / Grandma consists of a humorous and functional series for breakfast, lunch or for a picnic. Available through

Jan Halvarson


Sidsel_._ said...

make sure to have a look at danish ceramist Anne Black´s new collection Ruth m - same theme - only better if you ask me .)

TIG said...

such a pretty collection -- a perfect blend of city + country

Jan Halvarson said...

hi sidsel - so nice to see you here! yes annie's are beautiful, thanks for letting me know!