IDSwest: Off the Hook + Contexture Design


Each year IDSwest challenges the design community with a unique design project through their Off the Hook series. This year, each participant was asked to take a typical telephone booth, something we are all using less and less of these days and transform it into something else. The idea, to keep them out of our landfills and for showcasing new products from something everyone knows (or remembers) and has likely used at one time or another.

Vancouver's Contexture Design responded to the challenge by exploration of shelter and the concept of home, as it relates to homelessness.

" For many homeless people without the benefit of a cell phone, the public phone booth is an important amenity to connect beyond local neighborhoods. We see the loss of the phone booth as a loss of public infrastructure in our cities. Our design reshapes that public facility by creating a stylish, small home - a "Home Phone". We're not suggesting that the Home Phone is a realistic solution to the homelessness problems in Vancouver, instead an opportunity for discussion. "

Click here to see other's from the exhibit.


Jan Halvarson


Chocolate and Steel said...

I'd love a little hideaway like that too.

The pale observer said...

Cute! Just that tiny bit too small but...

rawbean said...

I saw this! It was my favorite by far. Good job.