I adore linen

new inklore
new inklore

I've been drawn to linen lately for the home. I've been seeing alot of it too, or is it like that, maybe it's always been around, but it's like when you buy a VW you see thousands of them? Nonetheless, whatever the case may be, I'm loving these new pillows from Inklore made with natural linen and decorated with bronze ink. Perfect to add a little sparkle to your room.


Jan Halvarson


Audrie said...

I love these... linen's always so simple yet gorgeous.

Pinecone Camp said...

You can't fail with linen. I love the graphics.

julie said...

I just started printing linen recently, and it blows my mind how clean & gorgeous ink always looks on it. As for her new designs-- can you believe those are giant printing blocks? They seem like screenprints because they are so thin and dainty! I love em!

Unknown said...
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Karen B said...

Have you ever tried knitting with linen. It makes the most wonderful market bags or garments. It's scratchy at first, but as you wash and wear it, it gets softer and softer. It's really great stuff, and renewable. :)