Embroidery with September House

Hankering for some crafty embroidery this fall? Perhaps to make as a gift for a shower, a new baby? Well this seedling trio embroidery set from September House is just the special thing! Pattern one features two trees sheltering a tender seedling. It was made to fit a 5-inch hoop. The second pattern features a framed monogram and was designed to fit a 4-inch hoop. The final pattern fits a wee little 3-inch hoop. These are PDF patterns, so you can just download once you've purchased them and start right away! You can read Corrine's inspiration of these patterns here. So special.


Jan Halvarson


Pinecone Camp said...

Once upon a time, I dabbled in embroidery. This makes me want to try it again in adulthood. Actually, maybe it's easier to buy someone else's hard work when it comes to this!

2 by Design said...

What a fabulous idea for a baby's room! My grandmother was the most amazing knitter but sadly, I wasn't born with the sew/knit/embroider gene. Oh well, at least I can pay someone who was!

Erin said...

I AM IN LOVE. I love embroidery touches in the house (especially modern homes).