Don't Worry, I Have a Map: Amy Rice

Amy Rice

Mixed-media artist Amy Rice has a new solo show coming up this October at the Soo Visual Arts Center in Minneapolis with new works entitled. "Don't Worry, I Have a Map".

"I have been daydreaming on the shapes of old picture frames, the silhouettes of tiger lilies, bees and chickens, vintage camper trailers, swan paddleboats and true love. 
I know, for the first time in my life what I want my future to look like and the work it will take to get there. I’ve spent a lot of years painting from my past; in this body of work I have made a shift, I am painting my present and mapping out my future." - Amy Rice

Beginning with not-so-traditional print making methods (hand cut stencils and a Japanese Gocco printmaking toy) Rice makes original, one-of-kind pieces by additionally employing acrylic, gouache, ink and collage. Her “canvases” range from weathered wood panels and found objects to antique envelopes, age-worn love letters, and found journal pages yellowed with time. 

Rice draws inspiration for her work from childhood memories, both real and imagined (or just slightly exaggerated with time), the urban community in which she lives, vintage botanical prints, her dog Ella, bicycles, street art, gardening, random found objects, collective endeavors that challenge hierarchy, acts of compassion, downright silliness and things with wings. 

Don't Worry, I Have a Map
New Works by Amy Rice
Soo Visual Arts Center
Minneapolis, MN
October 2009

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

great pieces!

Sarah said...

These are so great, I would love to get a chance to see them in person. I love the colour.