Craft Inc. Business Planner

Hey all you crafty business people out there! If you're like me and need a little organization in the "business side" of your life, well it looks like this Craft Inc. Business Planner may just be the ticket. "Packed with advice and tons of handy worksheets, it also has room for writing down everything from long term goals to everyday to-dos. Business card pockets and notepad paper make sure you’re prepared for anything!" Available through Fred Flare. $16.95.

Jan Halvarson


Pinecone Camp said...

Ahh, the business side of things. Not the most fun part but necessary. This book likes it could be very helpful....and it's pretty. Thanks Jan!

Lauren said...

awesome. i LOVE Meg Mateo Illasco :) I also have her first Craft Inc. Book. It's great! Thanks for sharing Poppytalk!

emily august said...

Goodness! What a nice find. Thank you for sharing. I have been looking for a book I might actually want to follow advice from... and the styling and functionality of this one seem kind of perfect.