Cool People With Blogs

Last week just before I attended the IDSwest show, I somehow stumbled upon the blog of local photographer, Janis Nicolay. Janis was the photographer assigned to our photo shoot for the "Style Files" piece we were featured in in last January with Canadian House and Home. So it's funny how things like that go, because not longer after I stumbled upon her blog (in fact the same day), I ran into her at IDSwest. We chatted briefly as I ran out and she ran in, but it was fun to cross paths again, because she's one of those cool people you meet along the way, who not only does cool stuff, but she's also just a really nice person. So it was fun to find out I can now follow her "cool life" at her new blog, Pinecone Camp (love the name). And turns out she's now selling some of her lovely photographs in her recently opened etsy shop,

Also watch for Janis' beautiful photography coming in the November issue of Canadian House and Home where she took pictures of Darci Ilich's (The Cross) home, "festooned with Christmas decor", as she put it.


Jan Halvarson

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