Cloudy Collection is out TOMORROW!

Cloudy Collection is out TOMORROW!

This is an awesome set of prints going on sale tomorrow, 09/09/09 at 09:09 AM Pacific time (that's Noon:09 Eastern).

The edition is titled "The Scarlet Lettering" and the artists are Marian Bantjes, Kate Bingaman-Burt, Ray Fenwick, Ray Frenden, Linzie Hunter, Nate Williams, and David Huyck.

This beautiful edition includes some super fancy stuff! A blind deboss layer (no color in the ink, so there's an impression but it's subtle), and to help visibility of that layer, it is printed onto 2-ply paper, so it's double-thick! You can try to win a free set if you twitter about it (see the main cloudy collection site for details!)

Picture shot by (and pieces printed at) Boxcar Press!
Kate Bingaman-Burt:
Marian Bantjes :
Ray Fenwick:
Ray Frenden:
Linzie Hunter:
Nate Williams:
David Huyuck (mastermind behind cloudy collection!) :

Jan Halvarson

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