Art Show: The Passengers, Tina Berning


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"The Passengers", is a new solo show by Berlin artist, Tina Berning at gallery hanahou opening September 10 with an reception 6-9pm.

"Berning continues to explore the relationships between conditioned aesthetics and supposed subjective ambition in the canon of contemporary visuals. The drawings formulate the artist's own images of the human body, its inadequacy and its fundamental relation to self-determination. Tina Berning releases figures out of their heteronomous, medial contexts and shifts them into an interplay between voyeurism and exhibitionism. She uses her paintings and drawings as carriers to extricate subjects from the contemporary alienated incapacitation. Codes and matrices blanket faces, streaks of colour lie like shadows over the delicate silhouettes. Interventions that follow Tina Berning's study open the plainness of schemes into the ambiguity of expression. She makes subtle corrections to the standard, uniform face and figure, enabling a look of physical expressiveness to return. Even when they appear fragile and vulnerable, the faces and images of the people take on a form that is more resistive."

Be sure to check out the interview with Tina Berning in which she discusses her new work along with the release of a new edition of her book, 100 Girls on Cheap Paper.

gallery hanahou
611 Broadway, Suite 730
New York, NY 10012

Jan Halvarson

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