Affordable Art {morning edition}: Stephanie Levy


American artist living in Germany, Stephanie Levy has uploaded her latest works, floating collages. The series is inspired by places Levy has been or would like to go, each is one of a kind and handmade (and still quite affordable at $60-85). Just click on the thumbnails to see the 3-D photos of these collages.

Also, her other big shop news is that she is having a "Countdown to 100" sale! At this moment she has had 91 sales in her Etsy shop, and for the next 9 sales - (until her shop hits 100 sales) - she will enclose a free print of the customer's choice with each purchase. Awesome!


Jan Halvarson


Kickcan & Conkers said...

These are nice and refreshing. Lovely colour palette. Unusual.

Pixel Wild Child said...

Those are really awesome, and I love the use of colour and the textures... really really nice!