Affordable Art {am & pm edition}: Chad Hagen

The morning slipped by on me today and with it our a.m. edition of our affordable art pick, so this afternoon I bring you a pairing (to cover both the morning and afternoon editions) which I'm in love with. It's this week's 20x200 prints by Minneapolis-based designer Chad Hagen. Nonsensical Infographic No. 1 and Nonsensical Infographic No. 2 are inspired by the science of infographics. As Hagen explains, "Infographics' level of success is always based on how much and how well they communicate their data—the classic form follows function. In this series, I reversed these roles—form is king and dictates what the infographic communicates. Welcome to the world of fictional visual information."

Jan Halvarson


Fulvia said...

When I first saw the name of this artist, I did a double take. I thought someone I knew of, a textile artist, a woman, by the name Chad Alice Hagen had strayed into new territory ... what are the odds of these names being almost identical? Thanks for the post!

more is jess said...

The work on his website is equally as brilliant. I was just writing a post about him when yours popped up in my reader. Good taste you have ;)

lisa solomon said...

i love how scientificy these are [yes i am making up words]