Sycamore Street Press / Meredith Prévot Print Collaboration & Giveaway

by Eva of Sycamore Street Press

Take a look at the newest Sycamore Club* print! The artist this time is Meredith Prévot. I love her print's juicy, summery colors, the intricate line work, and the way the pale pink looks almost like a blind (no ink) impression. It really shows off the letterpress well.

To enter the giveaway, click on over to my blog. To see more photos and/or purchase the print, click here.


* The Sycamore Club is our letterpress-print-of-the-month club. Each print is in a one time only limited edition of 100, and I hand print them on my letterpress with soy inks on 100% cotton paper. You can purchase an individual print in our shop, where you can also purchase a membership to the Sycamore Club and get a pretty new print in your mailbox every month. (Domestic shipping is free with memberships.)

Jan Halvarson

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