Muslamb Letterpress + Paper Goods

I have a friend who is Muslim and she always takes the time to give us a phone call at Christmas to wish us a merry one, (which I always thought was a really nice gesture). I in turn, will phone her during Ramadan and wish her a blessed Ramadan. I like this tradition we have and now I think I'll surprise her this year with a Ramadan Mubarak Card and an Eid Mubarak Card (since Eid is just around the corner too). I'm happy to have found Muslamb Paper Goods + Design. It's an etsy shop chocked full of Islamic letterpress paper goodness.

Jan Halvarson


Laura Trevey said...

such beautiful detail!! love it ~~

Giovanna said...

I adore your blog! This is my first time here and I love everything about it!! I love this post too! Such an inspiration!
I'll come back very soon!