Handmade Treehomes for Handmade Nation

Handmade Treehomes #1A
Handmade Treehomes #1B

Portland-based artist, Jill Bliss has created these two limited edition pieces through 20x200 with proceeds directly benefiting Handmade Nation. 20x200 owner, Jen Beckman expressed interest in helping out with raising funds for Handmade Nation when she learned Faythe was still working on paying off the production cost of the film. Hence the release of these limited edition prints available today! An awesome opportunity to support the community!

Some of Jill's work and her current studio space is featured in the book Handmade Nation, and her comments about the cultural aspects of the new Handmade Movement are a part of the corresponding documentary by Faythe Levine.

Handmade Nation is showing this weekend in Los Angeles, At the Cinefamily in association with Reform School & Home Ec. Saturday 12:00pm ($25 premiere + tote bag) Saturday 7:00pm ($12) Sunday ($12) 3, 5, 7 & 9pm Tickets HERE.


Jan Halvarson

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