Fresh From the Oven with Will Brant: Kali Meadows

by Will Bryant

Kali Meadows is a sprouting young illustrator and designer. Her portfolio is quickly growing with client work and tasty publications.

Check out all her lovely work! I really enjoy her color palette, characters, and use of texture.

Guess what? Kali is on the internet!

Jan Halvarson


Carrie said...

I love the business card, that's very clever


little t jane said...

Oh, I totally adore Kali's work. I have a few of her awesome prints up in my home. Her illustrations are fantastic!!! I agree that her color palette, characters, and use of texture draws me in. She rocks! :D

justhappilyeverafter said...

I love her style!

Kristyna litten said...

I agree her style is so nice