Dream Big by Roll and Tumble Press

By Christie & Caleb of Roll and Tumble Press

Editor's Note: I loved this post by Christie of Roll and Tumble Press that she posted over at our community blog today. Such inspiration for mid week! Thanks Christie & Caleb!

This past weekend we spent an unseasonably cool evening on the porch of our 1917 house, with some dear & really gorgeous friends. Over bottles of crisp, refreshing Spanish cava the conversation drifted towards the question of...."i want this to be my life...what does it take to make it happen". Many ideas were tossed around in the vanilla scented night.....like, passion, hard work, commitment & identity. But, in the end, as the candles burned down, the inspired print maker, the shy tattoo artist, the spiritual musician, the always fashionable writer & the guerrilla pie princess all agreed......dream, but dream big.

Jan Halvarson

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