The Cup and Saucer Collective

Good friends, Heather Smith Jones and Rachel Saldana announced Wednesday a new project they are working on called, The Cup and Saucer Collective. Each item in their collection is made by hand and holds a story and purpose. They believe art and handmade goods should be of fine quality and available to all pocketbooks.

In the Cup & Saucer Shop they have four items in their first collection and the option to purchase the entire set. The main piece is their limited edition print "A quiet fullness". They combine Rachel's photography with Heather's drawing by lithography printing directly onto a professionally printed Giclee and add a third layer of their own poetry in letterpress.

The entire Cup & Saucer collection includes the limited edition print, their original hand sewn / hand painted bread bag {which are almost gone!}, a set of letterpress recipe cards, and a dollar downloadable bread recipe card. They are also currently working on the next two collections to come out later this year

Jan Halvarson


lisa solomon said...

so so so so good

Tricia McKellar said...

Really lovely! Love the print. :)