road trip 09!

Continuing on our Road Trip '09 series, the next stop takes us to the current home of Jaime Derringer who lives in Collingswood, NJ! I'm sure many of you know Jaime from her popular design blog, Design Milk and her personal artist site, where she features her beautiful paintings and poetry. Jaime's work is available at her Etsy shop and Little Paper Planes. Thanks Jaime!

1. Name: Jaime Derringer
2. Hometown: Collingswood, NJ [it’s technically not my hometown because I didn’t grow up here, but it is where I live]
3. Websites: Design Milk and

Hey Poppytalk readers — the Road Trip makes a stop here! I wanted to give you a little tour of the awesome town where I currently live: Collingswood, NJ . I’m a Jersey girl born and raised. I recently came back to New Jersey after spending 2 years in sunny, fabulous San Diego, CA. Although that San Diego weather was hard to leave, I wanted to settle into the town I’ve always wanted to live in. I grew up a few towns over in the more recognizable town called Cherry Hill.

Being in Collingswood has been a joy since day 1, and I’m pretty sure me and the Mr. are going to settle down here.

[image: Cooper River]

[image: Philadelphia skyline from Cooper River]

[image: Knights Park]

[image: downtown Collingswood]

We currently live right in the middle of Knights Park, downtown Collingswood, and Cooper River – no matter which direction you go, it’s just as lovely.

[image: Historic Public School No. 1, now offices]

Collingswood is an historic town. It was settled in the late 17th century and was owned primarily by one family -- the Collings -- and their house ( is still standing.

[image: Collings-Knight House]

It’s recently seen a resurgence that is making it extremely popular for young business people, Philadelphia commuters, and artsy folk. More and more restaurants and small shops are opening along the main drag. Collingswood has been a “dry” town since 1873, so we’ve got a lot of BYOBs!

You may recognize one of these shops: The Pop Shop, which was featured on the Food Network's Throwdown with Bobby Flay – for a grilled cheese throwdown!

[image: shops and restaurants, including The Pop Shop]

[image: Humungous sunflowers line the side of a store]

[image: Baratta’s Taxidermy in Collingswood, NJ]

One thing that I think is super duper cool is that we have a town taxidermist! I don’t care for hunting but I find the art of taxidermy just fascinating.

We also have a local farmers’ market [] on Saturday mornings in the summer, right at the PATCO speedline station, which is how I get to Philadelphia. It takes less than 16 minutes!

[image: PATCO speedline station]

[image: Beautiful home on Knights Park, snapped while taking a lovely walk]

One of my favorite things about living here is the architecture. Every house is so unique and beautiful, from Victorian to Craftsman, we’ve got it all. I also enjoy the convenient location – wherever you go here you’re sure to be within a few blocks of a park or river and good eats, or it’s just a hop to downtown Philadelphia. There is so much to enjoy here that I’m pretty sure I’m sticking around for quite a while. Why don’t you come for a visit?

Photo Credits: Jaime Derringer
Design Milk and

Jan Halvarson


sloeginfizz said...

Yay Collingswood! I just today that your farmers' market was voted number one in the "small" category by the American Farmland trust. How sweet!

CryBabyInk said...

Yay for NJ!! I'm a born & raised Jersey Girl too now living in Denver. Thanks for highlighting what a great state NJ is!