70 Reasons to buy handmade +vintage Part 10


Today concludes our series on "70 Reasons to Buy Handmade". It's been a fun thing to do and we hope it's inspired many. Thanks for everyone's response, and contributions! No. 64. Supporting handmade artists, which is absolutely vital in this current economy. We need to support local, small businesses and artists over the big corporations. Paperwire.

carolina cottagecarolinacottage.etsy.com
No. 65. It's the best way to avoid shopping malls. Cecile Blake.

No. 66. Boost creativity: everyone loves to see and have handmade items around! It makes people feel special! It inspires! Martha Gomez

No. 67. Sincerity. People don’t hand craft things just to make money. They’re not just the product of a slick R&D department for profit. They make things that involve years of learned skills, passion, enthusiasm, commitment and sincerity. Colleen Baran.

No. 68. Inspires collaborations that progressively build upon interesting ideas and products. Chikabird and Ladies and Gentlemen.

No. 69. As wonderful as the cyber world is, it is virtual, untouchable. In some ways it connects, in other ways it creates a disconnect—it can be all image and no substance. Handmade is a terrific balance to this tendency. Actual objects that are made by hand have a visceral connection to the real world and to real individuals. They connect and root us in the tangible world in a life-affirming way. Key Lime Design.

No. 70. It creates a global community, where businesses are supported, ideas are exchanged, and lasting friendships are made. Poppytalk

Jan Halvarson


farouche said...

Diesel fried chicken- ha, what a great sign!

kim said...

The friendly people you meet are the best part. My favorite is meeting a wonderful person who is buying a gift for a birthday or anniversary and they make you feel like a part of the celebration.

Coco Cake Land said...

even though the sign said diesel fried chicken i still immediately wanted it!!!! (fried chicken that is.) oh geez.

RedOrangePInk said...

I loooove that cushion from EmmaBee, actually all her cushions are amazing. I have looked at her etsy site a few times, thanks for the reminder.. will go check it out again.
I agree that its great to meet really friendly people as well!

jamieofalltrades said...

I love that 'new home' card. I should move just so I can use it!