70 Reasons to buy handmade +vintage Part 9

No. 57. With the exception of postage cost - contribute to decrease in fossil fuel erosion (purchasing mass produced products generally come overseas - barging it all over, production costs etc, sweatshops, fair labour et al.) Sonja Ahlers.

No. 58. Handmade products always feel more personal to me. I think about who might have been the artisan and wonder at how they managed to produce the item of the moment I am most smitten with and can't live without. Mannybeads.

No. 59. Giving handmade is truly the essence of gift-giving. When you give a friend or loved one a gift, you are really saying "I care about you." A handmade gift conveys so much more than something pulled off the end-cap display of a mega store. Of course there are the obvious economic benefits of supporting independent makers and artists, but buying and giving handmade is, at heart, a loving act. Clementine Jewelry.

No. 60. It guarantees that no one will give the same gift as you! Annie and Olive.

No. 61. You can be the first one of all your friends to discover a great designer. Avril Loreti.

No. 62. Because you are supporting a cause, contributing to the greater good. Creating better lives for people who are trying to create a better life for themselves and their community. Poppytalk

No. 63. Because normally, buying handmade does not require fighting for a parking space, having your ears pierced by blaring holiday music, walking around in a daze under flourescent lights, fighting to push a shopping cart with one bad wheel, or having a cashier you don't know ask for your phone number and zip code. Susy Jack.

Jan Halvarson

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