This Week from Lisa Congdon: I Love this Book!

by Lisa Congdon


Two months ago, Rena and I had the pleasure of hosting a book signing at Rare Device for a newly released publication, Tiny Houses , by written by art, architecture and design writer Mimi Zeiger.


I love modern architecture and have a particular appreciation for small structures (even rooms) that manage to seem large by design. So when I first got my hands on Zeiger's book, I was entranced. Tiny Houses is also a tiny book with large content. At just 7x7 inches, it profiles 36 small homes from all over the world.


In an time when many of us are attempting to reuse and recycle, Zeiger asks us to think in particular about reducing. Many architects today are making a concerted effort to use less and to take up less space. Conversely it is also an era when just next door (especially in America) many builders are attempting to make homes even bigger (think McMansion). Reading Tiny Houses I was forced to think differently about how much raw materials and space and possessions it takes to make a house a "home".


Tiny Houses is exquisitely designed and filled with gorgeous photos of each of the homes profiled.


I love this book!

Posted by Lisa Congdon

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

… after reading this, I immediately ordered this book as a birthday present for a friend. Thanks so much for this wonderful idea, she will love it!

Laura said...

What an awesome book and the little houses are so cute. I've always loved seeing what architects are doing to create better homes and the idea of reducing the size of our homes is a good one. I think most people could live with a lot less space. I love it!