Lisa Congdon (Limited Edition Prints) at 20X200

lisa congdon at 20x200
lisa congdon at 20x200

Jen Beckman's 20x200 is an awesome place to buy affordable art and each tuesday and wednesday, their new editions go online. Today they are featuring San Francisco-based artist, Lisa Congdon. When I think of Lisa's work, often what comes to mind is color. Lisa has an amazing ability to create some of the most amazing hues with her work, which she explains are due to her mother's brightly colored 1970's d├ęcor growing up which left an indelible mark on her psyche (which I think so many of us can relate to). These two beautiful prints (shown here) are available at 20x200 in limited editions. Check them out: Birch Forest No. 7 and Owl No. 1.

Jan Halvarson

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olha pryymak said...

Lisa's art is fantastic; love how diverse and yet coherent are all the things that she puts her hand on