ID Textile

ID Textile is a design studio founded by two Duperre School students (Marion and Sonia) which is located in Giverny, France. Some of their clients include Depuis D├ęcathlon, Kiabi, Etam, H&M, LeSportSac, Descamps and Northface. Their creations of patterns and reinterpretation of traditional textile techniques are their motto. They have gathered these two lines of work to create decorative objects, unique pieces and limited series. They have opened the doors of their workshop to the public who can discover their creations and learn the technical side of textiles and creative recycling. Depending on the season, they will sell on their blog some of their creations. We are thrilled and honoured to show a few of their pieces here.


Below are a collection of twelve pareos, screen printed on cotton (not hemmed) about 115x170 and approx. 70 €. They suggest they be used to express your ideas, for them it will be a picnic ground with beautiful disposable bamboo tableware. If you are interested in any of these pieces you can send them an email by clicking here.

All products are unique, handmade and made from recovered materials. Cushions, agricultural flax twine, bought jars and vases with custom crochet, vintage fabric covered bear and a repaired children's chair.

In the boutique:

A showcase:

Crocheted frames and flowers for sale (contact via email).


Jan Halvarson


jo said...

This is very unique, I really love it.
Thanks for sharing..

Kitchen fitter in Faversham said...

I love crochet, nice to see different ways of applying it such as the picture frames.

marty, sharon and pearl said...

love the crochet inspiration...i would love to get into it and these snaps make me want to now even more! thanks!

lisa solomon said...

eye candy