Hulaseventy: Out of the Booth

by Hulasventy

Way back in February, I stood in a cozy little Portland shop called Ampersand and thumbed through boxes crammed full of old snapshots. While I happily mined for vintage photographic gold, the owner (Myles) told me about about a photobooth exhibit they were planning for the summer. I was already totally smitten with the place but that did it. Photobooth enthusiast that I am, that sort of sealed the deal. I was officially in love. Of course, summer felt like seven hundred years away and I completely forgot about the show. Up until a couple of days ago.

Out Of The Booth features photobooth enlargements from the Robert E. Jackson collection and just opened last night. Portland peeps, I'm fairly certain this will be awesome. Unfortunately, I am currently several hundred miles from Portland but some of you are not. I'm thinking you should go. Because I'm telling you, it's really going to be something.

Stunning images from a spectacular collection await you.

Out Of The Booth runs through August 23rd but if you missed the opening last night (like I did), Ampersand will be open tonight for Last Thursday on Alberta Street. Beautiful vintage photobooth frames plus frosty air-conditioning. Not a bad combination. Especially considering that nutty Portland heat wave I so narrowly escaped.

And if you just can't make it all the way out to Portland, there's always the Ampersand $5 snapshots for sale online!

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Jan Halvarson


Paige Appel said...

stunning photographs.

Erin Dollar said...

i went to see this in person tonight! absolutely loved it, especially the woman who turns her face mid-shot. so beautiful.

Teri and her Stylish Adventure Cats said...

my niece lives in Portland...I'm telling her about this, she'd love it!

cara. said...

thank you for this! i'm obsessed w photobooths and new to portland. this is right up my alley!

lisa solomon said...

i wish i could go to that show/// go again for me???