Hulaseventy Loves Lists: Ode to Wooster Collective

by Hulaseventy

Wooster Collective, I love you. You are always there when I need a solid global street art fix. Which is pretty much all the time. This giant paint chip collage seen on the streets of Edmonton, AB makes me terribly happy. I think I would cry happy tears if I stumbled onto a piece like this in my town. I really would.

From the streets of Turin, Italy: Fantastic portraits of muslim women drawn and colored (freehand) by artist BR1.

From the streets of Athens, Greece: This Beautiful stencil work by artist Boxi.

And from the streets of Toronto: Completely brilliant pocket planters by artists Sean Martindale and Eric Cheung. Made from torn advertisement posters. Genius, absolute genius.

Posted by Hulaseventy

Jan Halvarson


kristina said...

i'm with you! i'm swooning over that paint chip wall art

betsy said...

I, too, am in love with the Wooster Collective! I love the idea of celebrating the beauty of a city with public art that inspires and allows us to see our cities in new ways while literally changing our seemingly humdrum boring landscapes!

lisa solomon said...

ah hula... you + street finds = good

Wooster said...

Thanks so much for the nice comments about the Wooster site. We love updating it every day. It' inspiring for us too!

Marc and Sara (Wooster Collective)