Culinary Arts from Anthropologie

Picture 3

Anthropologie (who always has the best style shots) has some new things for the kitchen they recently introduced featuring some vintage—like glass canisters, folk art dishes, a measured time scale and olivewood pieces. I thought I'd show a few since the images took me back to my childhood and visiting my grandmother's. Click here to see more.




Picture 1

Jan Halvarson


Audrie said...

If I had my way, my entire house would be outfitted with Anthropologie stuff! Very pretty :)

Pretty Neat Designs said...

I like the Squash blossom jam jar. So pretty.

Laura said...

They really do have great style shots! I save their catalogs for ideas!

Jaunty Magpie said...

Amazing pieces. The little teacup reminds me of some French jam pots a friend was kind enough to give me. Maybe I'll have to get those cups to keep the jam pots company!

lisa solomon said...

yup. anthro is always swoon worthy