70 Reasons to buy handmade +vintage Part 7

No. 43. Because you are not just buying an item, you are buying a piece of the artist. You are supporting the love, sweat, tears, future, family, confidence, mind, body and soul of that person. It creates an amazing relationship between 2 people: the buyer and seller. You are not just a customer, you are a supporter, a fan, a collector of art. Kim Quinn.

No. 44.Human rights & ecological aspects. Buy handmade and you support a true artist. You can be sure that human rights are respected in the making of your gift. Handmade gifts are for many reasons often more ecological than mass produced: indie artists are superb recyclers (and we mustn't forget upcycling, upcycled gifts are a big hit this year!) and of course handmade in most cases outlasts mass produced. Paperiaarre.

No. 45. The items are much more fashion forward....there is no "wait-time" for large businesses to design and then mass-produce. One indie designer can list something *today* that he/she made *today.* (So it wasn't designed and planned last Christmas...for this Christmas). Annie and Olive.

No. 46. When you buy handmade you are making a personal connection. Inkspot Workshop.

No. 47. It's unique, personal, well made, supports an artist, builds community, people appreciate handcrafted pieces and it's affordable. Mudpuppy.

No. 48. High Quality: the things I make are things I would buy. Many times I need things and when I look for them at the shops I don't find anything that I like or that covers my expectatives. And in fact, this is one of the reasons I began selling handmade things. It was common when I made one for me and then my friends began asking me for them. Martha Gomez.

No. 49. Buying handmade gives me that instant feel-good factor, knowing I'm supporting a fellow artist and that my money goes directly to them. I love the personal touch, whether I'm emailing with a customer or talking to a seller - I get the best of both worlds! The handmade revolution has meant that art is suddenly so much more accessible, and the pleasure derived from having beautiful art in your home is made all the more special when you can email the artist and thank them. Susannah Conway, Unravelling.

Jan Halvarson


Havilah Savage said...

all so true! wonderful post. :)

Nicole said...

I hadn't seen that new piece from Swallowfield yet, and really like it! I 'm a huge fan of her work. The unique colorways and patterns of handmade artists are unmistakable, and it's so nice to know that real human touch went into the piece!