70 Reasons to buy handmade +vintage Part 3

mudpuppy.etsy.comContinued from our on-going series. No. 15. You can choose to buy or to make things that really represent who you are; not who big corporate marketers think you should be. In this economy it's more important than ever to support small independent business even if you have to spend a little more. Variegated.

chezsucrechez.bigcartel.comNo. 16. Because someone was enjoying making something and now there is a little piece of them in your house. Chunky Chooky

oldyarns.etsy.comNo. 17. When you buy vintage, you connect with a larger story of a well-made item that deserves to be used instead of thrown away. It is green, it is resourceful, it is creative, it is romantic. Vintage Butterfly 94.

irenesuchocki.etsy.comNo. 18. I give handmade gifts because the artist/crafter who made the item probably really enjoys what they do. I know they put their imagination, best craftsmanship, and love into making that gift unique. It has heart and that's what I want to share with the special people in my life. Heather Smith Jones.

Hannahnunn.etsy.comNo. 19. Giving + receiving handmade is like sharing a piece of your heart. Amy Lapi.

eyeful.etsy.com (Tricia McKellar)No. 20. It's fun to see the creativity and excellence of the very, very talented designers out there. It harkens back to the days of old when craftsmanship, creativity and quality were paramount - You are buying items not mass-produced and impersonal but are very personal not only to the buyer, but to the maker. Annie and Olive.

lewasdesigns.comNo. 21. When you buy handmade you are contributing to an insurance policy that helps to keep the crafting industry alive, in return allowing for more unique and different items to become available each year. Inkspot Workshop.

To be continued...

Jan Halvarson

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monkeyandsquirrel said...

i buy handmade because i make handmade. i want to support folks like me who love what they do and are putting it out there!

i love this article... thanks for sharing it!