This Week from Lisa Congdon: Doily Art

by Lisa Congdon


When I became friends with artist Lisa Solomon five years ago, I also fell in love with her artwork. It’s hard to say what Lisa is most well known for: tanks, robots, targets or doilies, but the use of doilies (both paper and crotchet doilies, along with doily imagery) are a hallmark of her work. Below are photos from two of Lisa’s spectacular doily installations.

I experimented with using doilies in a body of work this past year. Unlike Lisa Solomon, I do not know how to crochet (she actually attempted to teach me, but I lacked the discipline to practice at the time; I am hoping to relearn and practice more at some point in the near future). Instead, collected vintage doilies and used them in an installation I made at the former Paperboat Gallery in Milwaukee


Many artists and craftspeople are drawn to doily imagery. Mati McDonough has used doilies in her work for several years. This elephant made from doilies is one of her most well known pieces.

I found a slew of folks on Etsy who are using doilies in really beautiful ways. Here were some of my favorites:

1. Ellynelly makes these really fantastic doily inspired large-scale wall graphics.

2. I love this sweet Girl with Balloons print by Etsy seller Nice .

3. Who doesn’t love vintage plastic doilies? I love the clocks andfurthermore makes with them.

4. Traceface translates doilies into stunning clean, graphic wall decoration.

5. This Doily Pillow cover by Nuka is so pretty and delicate.

Such wonderful stuff! I could actually write so much more about doilies and their use (or re-use) in art and craft. Perhaps another post sometime down the line?

Have a great week!

Jan Halvarson


sarah elizabeth said...

Just great work!! Very inspiring.

andrea said...

wow, what a great post. i'm all about doilies or anything with crochet or lace. check out this post i did a while back about the Brazilian doilies and tea towels my mother gave me and the lace work of Recife.

Anonymous said...

maybe You'll enjoy something of these photos (not available in english language :( ) Its also nice- we decorate tables, walls etc. with these laces. It's speciality of one of the mountain region in Poland :)

Dana Barbieri said...

These are really pretty. My mom makes doily cotton dishcloths.

Betsy said...

In my new work I've been stitching lions onto doilies. It's so cool to see other people appreciate doily power!

andrea daquino said...

doilies....obviously i haven't given them enough thought...until now! ;-)