Opinion: Plywood in all it's Splendor

Loftlife magazine
Every once in a while I run into an interior done up with plywood walls which I love and each time, of course I savour it, and keep it in my memory bank but fail to save the images to show here (kicking myself). Well this time I wasn't going to miss out. Loftlife magazine has a nice example right now featured on their website from a Parisian loft renovated by architects Karine Chartier and Thomas Corbasson (who trained in the studio of Jean Nouvel–last year’s Pritzker Award winner). As stated at Loftlife, "The old industrial laboratory (check out the building’s original freight elevator below) is transformed by adding a heavy textural and uncanny element–plywood." Click here to read the complete article.

Following this I seeked out a few more examples and have linked to each image individually (below). I love the contrast of plywood walls with modern furniture or industrial pieces with clean edges. white laminates and the odd splash of red, orange, yellow or blue-green. Some may not like this look, and of course it's subjective - I'd love to hear your thoughts. Can plywood walls or even furniture (as shown in the very last image) fit into your home, or would you want it to?

Loftlife magazine

Architectural Visualisation by Peter Guthrie
Architectural Visualisation by Peter Guthrie

From Plywood Vacation Home

Old Domino Magazine image via Ohdeedoh.com

From "O at Home" (Fall 2008) home studio of bookmaker and architect Ulla Warchol, photo by David A. Land

Uncommon's photostream for Apartment Therapy
Uncommon's photostream for Apartment Therapy

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Shandell's said...

Plywood has amazing patterns, what a great use for it.

lesley [smidgebox] said...

i think it's fantastic if done in the right proportion + with good accents. i love it with the white in the loftlife, although find the ply quite heavy with grain. my fave are the peter guthrie examples, i think the subdued colour is great, but would love to see it paired with some drywall accents and maybe metal + white furnishings. i'd do it for sure with the right ply.

lisa solomon said...

i'm a fan of plywood too!

Teri and her Stylish Adventure Cats said...

Wow, I would have never thought how "Scandinavian" it can look with the right accents, etc.