Hulaseventy Loves Lists: Summer Treats!

by Hulaseventy

Summer is finally here and it's officially time for treats on wheels. What would summer's soundtrack be if not for the occasional tinkly music of the ice cream truck? How better to survive the heat than with icy cold snow cones and popsicles? My list today is short but sweet-- two all-star operations, both bringing treats to the masses in ridiculously cute vehicles.

1. Fresher than Fresh. Homemade gourmet snow cones made with fresh fruit and herbs. Housed in the cutest 1957 Shasta trailer you ever did see. If you're in Kansas City, look for Lindsey Laricks (and the impossibly cute mascot Snowie) and treat yourself to a snow cone. Or two. Or three. Order the Blackberry Lavender and the Clementine and think of me. Snow cones are my all-time favorite summer treat and selling them from a vintage trailer might just be my new dream job.

2. Heartschallenger. A pink ice cream truck that sells international candies, ice cream and toys. Uh, yes please. Self-proclaimed ice cream truck visionary Leyla Safai converted an old mail delivery truck into a pink dream and stocks it with goodies from all over the world. Hit it up for treats like Italian spumoni slices, mexican fruit bars, japanese black sugar caramels and kosher Bazooka Joe. And the classics-- pixie sticks, pop rocks, candy necklaces, fun dip, ring pops fudgecicles. On board, you'll also find all kinds of toys-- star sunglasses, bright-colored bouncy balls, lip gloss, little heart-shaped mirrors, yo-yos, spinning tops, finger puppets and the like. Layla, you are my hero. Heartschallenger first cruised the streets of Los Angeles before finding its way to New York and will ultimately work its way across the world before returning home to the west coast. The only thing better than selling snow cones from a vintage trailer might be driving a pink ice cream truck all over the world.

But if the pink truck won't be sailing down the streets of your city anytime soon, take heart and visit the online shop. I promise you, Cuteness abounds. You'll find things like pink records (music by Layla's band Heartsrevolution).

And Love Hearts Dip, the UK's version of Fun Dip, only tastier.

And ice cream wind-up walking toys.

I'll be back next week with more summer classics, friends! Until then, have a snow cone or two and keep your eyes peeled for a pink ice cream truck. You never know.

Post by Hulaseventy

Jan Halvarson


Suzanne said...

i first heard of the fresher than fresh snow cones last summer - they sound so delicious! hopefully one day they'll make a trip to canada. (or maybe i'll just have to make a trip to kansas) um, and that trailer is absolutely adorable.

and... love hearts in a fun dip?!?! love hearts are my favourite!!!! i'm going to have to try and get my hands on those. thanks for sharing!

Tricia McKellar said...

Love the ice cream trailor! I don't remember any ice cream trucks in my neighbor as a kid, but we did take a short walk to the Mayberry ice cream store and spend our coins on ice cream and the jukebox. Fun times :)

Lindsey Michelle said...

OMG, The Fresher Than Fresh trailor + flavors of their offerings is just too much! I wish we had one wait maybe I don't! I'd probably go broke or die from the cuteness!

{ Lindsey }

Jen @ said...

We've got a new homemade ice cream boutique here that the entire city of Seattle is going gaga for! It's Molly Moon's ( There are lines every day, for about a half a block until they close at 11PM. She uses all organic, local ingredients. Good stuff. Online? I'm partial to Vosges Gourmet Glace: We carry their gift cards so I may be a bit biased but their chocolate will make you weak in the knees!

Fresh Fish Creative said...

Fresher than Fresh Snow Cones is AWESOME. I live in Kansas City and just tried one a few weeks ago. I waited in line for about 20 minutes and by the time I got up there, half the flavors were sold out. And the illustrations she does for each flavor are adorable.

sarah said...

those fantastic little snow cones are my very favorite part of first friday every month. the green tea pear is simply wonderful too.

hannah said...

andrea, i know!!! the girls and i are actually going to hit up fresher than fresh tomorrow. perhaps you should join us?

Summer said...

Are you kidding me? This is so wonderful! So refreshing...a wonderful change from the ice cream man/drug dealer! (yeah, I know...not all are guilty, but seriously)

Coco Cake Land said...

oh, definitely a little dream of mine to get a cute little cupcake and ice cream truck... !


Jan Halvarson said...

Lyndsay - a cupcake truck would be so so awesome!!! a great breaking news headline!

andrea said...

omg, a cupcake truck. pure genius.

jen, will have to check out that ice cream joint next time I'm in seattle... which may be soon! sounds amazing.

and so glad to hear firsthand from all the fresher than fresh customers! sara, I KNEW that green tea pear one was good. I just knew it. and hannah, pictures please? and deets? wish I could be there. oh how I wish.