Fresh From the Oven by Will Bryant: Nicole Lavelle

by Will Bryant

Nicole Lavelle is about to enter her fifth and final year of undergrad at Portland State. PDX's graphic design program, alongside my beloved Mississippi State, was featured in HOW Magazine as one of the "under the radar" design programs!

With this credibility and the enthusiastic teaching of Kate Bingman Burt, Nicole has discovered her passion for making things.

I asked Nicole her thoughts on the life changing Kate Bingaman Burt. This is what Ms. Lavelle had to say, "Kate COMPLETELY revitalized our department. Before she arrived, I always felt like something was missing from PSU. We are smack dab in the middle of this amazing city, but the professors and curriculum felt disconnected from the awesomeness of the city. At lightning speed, Kate interjected the program with blogs, the internet, social networking sites, hand crafting, gocco printing, sewing parts of your project, making your whole project out of felt, craftivism, hand-lettering and much much more."

Learning from the best, Nicole is developing quite the handsome portfolio and is spreading her own positive design vibes across the web.

Nicole is currently working up a storm at Portland's finest Pinball Publishing. There she finds herself surrounded by amazing design, fantastic people, and loads of experience.

Make sure to check out her "Get Out" campaign as well. It's realllly nice. Actually just look at everything.

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