Volcano by Emogayu


Stunning hand-crafted series of ceramic vases from artist, Emogayu (originally from Japan) who now spends time in Brooklyn for Merchant No. 4 out of New York. Her vessels, called "Volcano's" are inspired by the natural engergy of flowing lava and the way it captures a moment in time forever. She hopes that whoever owns her work will not treat them as 'objects' but will allow the energy of their space to flow freely through them.


Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

wow these are beautiful (and perfect as a gift). . . super happy they're local too :)

Selya said...

I love it! very interesting vases

our little love nest said...

Ooooh my gosh...pretty pretty PRETTY...so dang pretty!

Marieke said...

They are so sensitive looking, beautiful, I like vases with different shapes, for example look at my blog, I've got a beautiful photo of a birdvase. Sorry, text will be in Dutch but the pictures are very nice to watch

Greetz from www.pimpelwitstyling.blogspot.com

Houston's Weekly Chic said...

Love, love love it! What a wonderful conversation pieces it would make.

Hindsvik Vintage said...

These are Superbly Beautiful. There is a designer in Reykjavik with some "lava-inspired" pottery, although the artists name escapes me at the moment.