This Week from Lisa Congdon: For the Love of Scissors


Hello! My name is Lisa Congdon and I am (starting today) joining Poppytalk as a regular contributor every Monday. I am thrilled to be here and I hope you enjoy my posts!

I love scissors. I have a fairly large collection. Once I even made a mobile out of my scissor collection in my store, Rare Device . It stirred quite a reaction—from delight to dismay!

Everyone has some experience with scissors—we have used them since we were toddlers. And, if we are makers, we have continued to use them into our adult lives. Many of us love our scissors—we search for the best, the sharpest, the best looking pair we can find. If you are one of those people who adores scissors, you might like these finds.

1. Etsy seller SupplyPusher offers these really sweet vintage-looking scissor charms, perfect for making jewelry.
2. This journal by Poketo has been a favorite of mine since it was released.
3. I love the large scissor image screenprinted on this hoodie by Etsy seller Circularaccessories .
4. I also love this scissor shirt by Etsy Seller Earth Cadets .

Jan Halvarson


Will_Bryant said...

aww Lisa!
this is aweesome.

way to go jan!

Lucy C said...

Loving the journal and the sissors, just a shame that they are sold out. Thanks for sharing - some great finds as always.

aeMcDraw said...

Ah, I've been getting into scissors as well.

and more recently

I'm working on getting them as prints for sale on Etsy.