Ribboned Mirrors + Blackboards

I just saw these ribboned mirrors and chalkboards over at Cafe Cartolina today. Fiona received an email from the designer Ashley Rush from Rowan's Room who wrote to tell her about them. They are each made "lovingly" from an antique cabinet door (many of them over 100 years old) from maple, oak, elm and eucalyptus trees. The frames are made without the use of nails, enhancing their craftmanship and appearance. Can you imagine them displayed like the image just below (from the West Hollywood restaurant Comme Ça - photo by Erhard Pfeiffer)? I'm especially coveting the top one (loving black and that color wood together right now).



Jan Halvarson


Marn said...

What a great find.

Bess Callard said...

oh, these are so pretty! i love the hard and soft combo of the wood frames and satin ribbons. great find!

Wendren said...

That is GREAT! Thank you Karen. :)

Fiona Cartolina said...

Aren't these nice? - I have a soft spot for old cabinet doors - I'm always picking them up in back alleys and junk stores - as if I am going to do something with them - this is a great idea, surprised I haven't seen it before.

monkeyandsquirrel said...

so beautiful!!!