New Contributer: Lisa Congdon

We are thrilled to announce that San Francisco mixed media artist and illustrator, Lisa Congdon will be joining Poppytalk as a weekly contributer! Lisa is a self-taught artist whom we've always admired and along with her beautiful talent, Lisa shares a great eye with her business partner Rena Tom in their design-led shop and art gallery, Rare Device. We trust Lisa's eye and look forward to her weekly monday posts, "This Week from Lisa Congdon". Please join us in welcoming her and be sure to visit her new blog, The Adventures of Lisa and Wilfredo, all about Lisa and her magical pup; her etsy shop, and her portfolio site,

Jan Halvarson

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f said...

yeah! can't wait for her new stories. amazing artist, great eye, and nicest person. great new poppytalk idea!