by Andrea of Hulaseventy

It all started with a picture my daughter painted of the sun. When I decided to devote one entire wall of our home to favorite pieces of art, I knew Ava's sun would be the first thing I'd hang. And it was.


The collection rapidly grew around that one sun. As a seemingly random assortment of favorite photographs, art prints and vintage ephemera found their way onto the wall, I couldn't help but notice one particularly obvious running theme: sunshine. There's the sun-covered page from the old children's book The Sun Looks Down, my husband's illustrated version of the sun, Matte Stephen's 'Happy Sun' gocco print along with an old 'S is for Sun' flash card I picked up at a secondhand shop. To name just a few. I take great comfort in the fact that rain or shine, there will always be bright bits of sun in our home. As recent transplants to the often cold and rainy Pacific Northwest, I think they might be absolutely necessary. In fact, I'm not so sure I'll be able to stop until I've covered the entire wall. Good thing there's a world of illustrated sunshine out there. I think I hit the jackpot.

Seven suns that I am loving:

freyaArtsun1. You Fill Me With Sunshine by FreyaArt

blancuchasun2. Sunny Small City by Blanca Gomez

oiseauxnoirshine3. Shine by Oiseaux Noir

paperfingers4. S is for Sunshine by Paperfingers

printspacesun5. Let The Sunshine In by Printspace

wardomaticsun6. Hello Sun by Wardomatic

theloveshopsun7. Here Comes The Sun by The Love Shop

Ah, such a good thing I have so much more wall space to cover. See you next week, friends!


Jan Halvarson


jo said...

i love it! all the sunshine art is great, but i think my favorite thing about it is that it started with a piece of art that your daughter made. i'm working on getting together an art wall with some of my kids' work, and this is great inspiration! thanks for sharing!

iva yaneva said...

"I take great comfort in the fact that rain or shine, there will always be bright bits of sun in our home." - how sweet! :)
love this shiny post :)

FEDERICA said...

Love these!!
Have a sunny weekend!

parisa mahmoudi said...

Wowwww,all of the illustrations are so interesting!Specially that elephant!Lovely!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Aww, these are so lovely. I'm loving the first one and your daughter's sun the most. Much sweetness!

Erin Conrad said...

especially loved #s 3 and 6. this post made me all sorts of happy!

ourlittlelovenest said...

Loving the sunshine! So wanting that piece by Oiseaux Noir and the elephant by FreyaArt! (your daughter's sun is too adorable and brought a HUGE smile to my face today!

christina said...

oh wow, #4 is my print! thanks so much for posting it!

jen jafarzadeh said...

My husband and I have a thing for suns too. He had a sun print in college that he loved and then I brought him back a ceramic sun from Venice when I toured Europe right after school. Years later when he moved to New York (after we reconnected) he still had that sun. It's a little chipped but we have it in our apartment casting some sunshine. Love your roundup, Andrea! Blanca's is my favorite.