Calm Air All Ice Show

calm air all ice show
calm air all ice showPoster by Chip-Fork
calm air all ice show

I love the look and idea behind this upcoming show from UK artists Claire Platt and Camilla Stacey. It's called Calm Air All Ice where the two who share a reverence for vintage fabrics and traditional craft techniques join forces to exhibit work heavy in nostalgia and derived from a combination of inspirations, ranging from WWII aircraft to children's paper folding games.

Using hand dyed and knitted yarns Claire creates soft toy replicas of Second World War planes, and hand stitched medals while Camilla uses vintage hankies which she uses to embroider, screen print and fold into new pieces of art. Claire and Camilla will be documenting the evolution of their work on-line:

Calm Air All Ice
Claire Platt and Camilla Stacey
May 18th-23rd 2009 - 11am-6pm daily
room 212, Gloucester Road, Bristol, UK

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Jan Halvarson


littlemithi said...

Yay! go the girls!!!!

Looking forward to going to this and supporting my favourite (almost)Bristol ladies

Urban Flea said...

lovely lovely! i didn't know about the ladies but now i'm super-glad i did! thanks!
xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)

kickpleat said...

I love Camilla Stacey's work and I wish I could attend this show.