Best of ICFF Links (Part Four)

OK I'm starting to believe that Design Sponge is like uh, ten people or more with all the images she's cranking out from all the design shows in New York this week (she's really breaking records i think) which has me starting to feel really inadequate. And since I'm feeling that way I might as well also feel like one of those fish skimming off the bottom of the fish tank these past couple of days (picking up all the bits and pieces snitching all her photo's this week), so I thought hey, what's one or two more gonna hurt? Love this mirror/trunk mix from It just has so many great elements.

Jan Halvarson

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Naomi said...

I always tell myself that (that d*s must have an army) in order to keep from feeling inadequate!! (But hearing that even you feel inadequate sometimes makes me feel a tiny bit less inadequate too heh heh heh...)

Never fear, you are an inspiration to us all unto yourself!