The Art of the Display: Storage & Props

Danielle of Etsy wrote an awesome post on Crafting the Perfect Display over the weekend featuring ideas and props to help you create an awesome booth display for all you crafters out there planning on participating in all the arts/crafts shows this season. Her post also got me thinking about how awesome some of these props would be to use afterwards as well just for storage ideas. So I decided to highlight a few and also couldn't help post the awesome style display from Trampoline (above) to sell her vintage curtains. It's amazing what a display can do for a product. So many times I receive emails of product that I'm excited about because it's displayed in such an attractive way like this! If you get a chance, also check out Danielle's personal blog, Gold School!

Jan Halvarson


Clean & Bright Soaps and Candles said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful artists! I missed Danielle's article - I'll have to go read that now :)

ethanollie said...

thanks jan! great roundup.

nelya said...

You are so spot-on- display is an art and these vignettes are beautiful because of the attention to detail and presentation. They tell a story. And I love and want, and love that little stool in the first photo.

Thank you for sharing these, must check out that article.