Spamghetto: Junk Mail Wallpaper

Showing at the Milan Furniture Fair this week, the folks from have turned junk-mail phrases into a wallcovering. Everyday mailboxes are flooded with unsolicited offers from pirate software to advice, and although this is annoying to the average user, Todo loves it as it provides fresh inspiration: "bizarre subjects guides them in the quest for the definitive answer to fundamental human problems." Showing at the Design Crisis, Milan Design Week 2009. {Images from flickr photostream}.

Design Crisis
"P4 Temporary Gallery"
Via Pestalozzi 4, Milan
22/27 April 2009 - h10 am / 9 pm

Jan Halvarson

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seesaw designs said...

This is pretty awesome. Love the way it looks from afar, and the clever macro/micro.