slate, bread tins and more!

three potator four

One of our favorite online shops, Three Potato Four has some awesome new things in their shop this week, like these Hovis English Bread Tins, along with an amazing antique natural slate classroom chalkboard and new paper packs they've collected and assembled. Click here to see more.

three potato four

Jan Halvarson


malo said...

Thanks for the tip. I'll head over there right away.

Katherine said...

Ah, so cool! :D

Anonymous said...

That shop is ridiculously over priced for most things and yet everyone goes on about how great it is. I don't get it. You can find stuff like that for much less on Etsy or Ebay and much much less if you want to go to a few estate sales.

Jan Halvarson said...

Anon - They do an amazing job going to those sales for us, digging through the junk, cleaning these items. It takes a good eye to find these things. I rarely find things like they have in their shop when I go to sales. I'm sure I'm not alone.