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Through twitter I came across this collaboration, Print + Press. Now you'd think as much time as I spend online I'd have come across this before, as I'm aware of the collaboraters, Abby Powell Thompson from Abby Try Again and Chelsea Parker Guidry from Arugula Press. Now in their fourth set in a year long monthly collaboration, their latest set features an original design by Chelsea. Each print is hand pressed and signed. The second piece is a 5"x7" photography print shot by Abby. It has a matte finish, a small white border and is also signed by the artist. The pieces come packaged in a numbered vellum enclosure. Only twenty five of this month's were printed and only twenty are currently available. Available through their Print + Press bigcartel shop.

Jan Halvarson

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abby said...

Aw, thanks so much for this awesome post! We love, love, love this blog :)
Happy Monday!